It all started when I was about 4, when I heard my grandmother complaining that her alarm clock didn't go off on time.

I took it upon myself to take all 3 of her alarm clocks around the house apart to i) Find out how they worked ii) Speak to the time fairly I was told lived inside, about their bad timekeeping.

The spare parts left over after I put them back together, didn't exactly make me popular, and I got shouted at.

A lot. But I was just looking to make things better.

And for me that feeling never went away - the desire to help make things better.

So when I went out into the world, I did some pretty cool things. I worked as stage crew for some big name bands. I conquered my stammer and went into sales. I broke sales records, and then showed other companies how to break their sales records too.

I went freelance and worked for some of the most prestigious organisations on the planet and ended up writing a couple of books to boot.

All in all, I had a pretty good scrap book of achievements that most would be proud of.

But something didn't feel right. Actually, I felt I'd failed.

I'd set out to make things better and came back empty handed. Because the way I saw things, to make things 'better', you have to do something that leaves a mark, that hands on a legacy. Like find the cure for a disease. Or trek from pole to pole to raise awareness of a great cause. Or save a stranger from dying.

And I hadn't done any of these things. It took time, but I eventually realised that speaking and writing alongside sales and marketing, was my gift.  My way of 'making things better'.

I could help people grow their ideas. Gain confidence in selling and marketing them. Build their businesses on them,  align their lives with what truly inspires them. 

So now, that's what I do.

I work with thought changers. I help connect the world with those who are inspired to change it. And I do it through speaking, writing, teaching and consulting.

And this means I feel blessed to wake up every morning feeling inspired to do meaningful work with those who are inspired to do meaningful work.